Mid-Winter Announcements


ECW:  We are planning to have the Spring Trash and Treasure sale on Friday, April 28th; 3:00PM-7:00PM and Saturday, April 29th; bag sale only 9:00AM-12:00PM.  We discussed having the bake sale during both days.

Pancakes:  Next Sunday, February 26; a Shrove Tuesday on Sunday pancake feast will be provided.  We are hoping to also have pancake races and ‘hide the Alleluia’s’.  Please join us for some fun following the service.

Lent:  Ash Wednesday is Wednesday, March 1; the Imposition of Ashe’s and Holy Eucharist will be at 7:00PM.  The Wednesday noon Lenten luncheons at Girard United Methodist will start that week.  The meal is at noon followed by a message.  St. John’s Catholic will start off Lent.  The Lake City churches with Fr. Bob giving the message will take place during Holy Week; Wednesday, April 12.  Every Wednesday during Lent; Stations of the Cross will be held at 7:00PM in the church.  There will be Maundy Thursday and Good Friday Eucharist’s at 7:00PM.  On Good Friday, we are planning to meet as we have in the part at St. Cyril’s and Methodius at noon (weather permitting) to walk the stations.  There is a full Lenten schedule on the back.


Lenten Bible Study: Sunday Evenings in Lent at 5:00PM; we will meet at Wendy and Bob’s house, enjoy a simple meal; then watch the video and discuss.  We are going to study “A Fragile Stone” by Michael Card.  We have done this particular study for Lent 5 years ago; however, we plan on trying to go more in depth this year.   Please let Wendy know if you are planning to join us.

Craft CornerWe have begun making, coloring, and painting tote bags and aprons.  We are discussing having our own craft show in the hall and/or our own Etsy shop online.  We encourage our fellow church members and friends to join us in our crafting.

Other news: The flower list and order form will be included in the spring newsletter

Lenten Schedule



♦-Any meeting or event after Sunday Eucharist

◊- Evening Eucharist

▫-Bible Study

  • -Lenten Luncheon

Δ-Stations of the Cross


26        9:00AM Last Sunday after The Epiphany Holy Eucharist

            ♦Shrove Sunday Pancake Feast


1          Ash Wednesday

  • Lenten Luncheon at Girard United Methodist (Catholic Church)

◊7:00PM Imposition of Ashes and Holy Eucharist

2          Bingo at Pleasant Ridge Manor

5          9:00AM I Lent Holy Eucharist

            ♦Bishop’s Committee Meeting

▫5:00PM Supper and Bible Study

8          •12:00PM Lenten Luncheon at Girard United Methodist(Alliance)

            Δ 7:00PM Stations of the Cross

12        9:00AM II Lent Holy Eucharist

▫5:00PM Supper and Bible Study

13        7:00PM March ECW Meeting

15        •12:00PM Lenten Luncheon at Girard United Methodist(Methodist)

            Δ 7:00PMStations of the Cross

19        9:00AM III Lent Holy Eucharist

            ▫ 5:00PM Supper and Bible Study

22        •12:00PM Lenten Luncheon at Girard United Methodist(Bethel)

            Δ 7:00PM Stations of the Cross

26        9:00AM IV Lent Holy Eucharist

            ▫5:00PM Supper and Bible Study

29        •12:00PM Lenten Luncheon at Girard United Methodist(Lutheran)

            Δ 7:00PM Stations of the Cross


2          9:00AM V Lent Holy Eucharist

▫5:00PM Supper and Bible Study

5          •12:00PM Lenten Luncheon at Girard United Methodist(Presbyterian)

            Δ7:00PM Stations of the Cross

6          Bingo at Pleasant Ridge Manor

9          9:00AM Palm Sunday Holy Eucharist

▫5:00PM Supper and Bible Study

10        7:00PM April ECW Meeting

12        •12:00PM Lenten Luncheon at Girard United Methodist (Lake City Churches)

            Δ7:00PM Stations of the Cross

13        ◊7:00PM Maundy Thursday Holy Eucharist

14        Good Friday

*Δ 12:00PM Stations of the Cross at St. Cyril’s and Methodius (weather permitting)

◊7:00PM Good Friday Holy Eucharist

16        9:00AM Easter Sunday Holy Eucharist

19        •12:00PM Easter afterglow Luncheon at Girard United Methodist (Grace Girard)




Advent Newsletter


A message from Fr. Bob, the Vicar

Happy Hallow-Thanks-Christmas-New Year!   When you are to go into most stores this time of year; they are marketing all holidays at once; Halloween may be over; however, it’s presence is still visible in places.  We, as consumers keep this blending alive, as we start purchasing holiday goods as soon as they hit the shelves. Then, we in our Christian form, may complain about how Christmas is not respected like it used to be.  In my childhood; Christmas was not just a holiday; but a celebration of God’s gift to us.  In that time, Santa Claus was not taught to be his own entity, but the vision of man serving the people for God; giving unto one another as God has given to us.

Too many of us have lost faith, never had faith, or no longer feel God is relevant in our lives or in the world. We must keep our faith, and show the world the relevance God in this world and how much we need him.  Let us not forget the reason for Christmas and celebrate it’s true meaning for which it exists.

The Reverend Robert T. Burke

Christmas Poinsettia order form:   Please have it to Cathy Podgers or Wendy Burke no later than Sunday, November 27th.  If you would like an order form, please send a message.

Advent Bible Study:  We are putting together a bible study for Advent; it is called “Why this Jubilee”.  In this book of 24 reflections, James Howell takes inspiration from well-known carols and Christmas songs to explore the birth of Jesus. He groups the devotions into 4 weeks by these topics: The Place, The Men (Joseph, the shepherds, and the magi), The Mother, and The Child.  We apologize for the late notice; eight copies have been ordered; if anyone else would like to join in; we can probably order more.  We believe we will be gathering for the bible study before church.

ECW Christmas Party:  Tentatively the party will be Monday, December 12th.   However; the November meeting is after the newsletter has gone to print.  If the party is on a different date, we will let everyone know.    We plan on having the party in the Parish Hall with Scott Kramer catering.  Please bring a gift up to $10 to exchange and also a card with $1 for Pleasant Ridge Manor residents.

Christmas Brunch Greening of the Church:  Christmas brunch will be held on Sunday, December 18th, after the service in the parish hall.  The Grace Church Craft corner is providing the centerpieces and decorations.  Please bring a dish to share and your own table service. The ham and beverage will be provided.  We will decorate the church after the Christmas brunch. We will need as always many hands as possible to get it done.

A Festival Service of Nine lessons and Carols at the Cathedral:  The service is on Sunday, December 18 at 5:00PM.  We will have a list in the back of the church to sign up for those who would like to carpool.

Christmas Eucharist: If anyone would like to be brought communion brought to you please call Fr. Bob to set up a time for him to visit.

Christmas Eve/Christmas Day:  Christmas Eve service will begin at 7:45PM for carols by candlelight and 8:00PM will be Holy Eucharist.  There will be no service for Christmas Day; the church will be open for meditation and prayer.

Nine Lessons and Carols:  Our annual celebration of Nine Lessons and Carols will be during Holy Eucharist on Sunday, January 1st beginning at 9:00AM.  There will be a list in the back of the church for anyone who would like to participate.

Annual Meeting:  The date for annual meeting is Sunday, January 15th; after the service with a potluck brunch to follow.  We have two members going off this year. If interested in running, please see Wendy Burke to put your name on the ballot. Members of the bishop’s committee must be willing to complete the safeguarding God’s children and Sexual harassment training, and be willing to be a counter on Sunday mornings.    The training can now be done online or with one of the classes offered throughout the year.  Please, keep in mind that all reports need to be into Wendy by January 8th.

Craft Corner: On three Mondays of the month, a few of us get together to craft at the parish hall; the 2nd Monday of the month is ECW.   For those interested; there are still several of the items for sale.  Most of the items are fall themed; there are two Thanksgiving centerpieces, several Halloween and fall crafts.   Proceeds are going to the chair and table fund. We are crafting items for Christmas and hope to have lists available; if anyone would like to join.

ECW Chair and Table fund: The ECW continues with the chair and table fund to replace the chairs and the round tables in the parish hall. All donations are welcome, if you would like to help out.

New at Grace Church: The Bishop’s Committee passed motions for several improvements to be made this year.  We have new printer; as the copier is outdated and parts and toner are no longer available.  A thank you Christopher Runnion, for his help in this. We have a new furnace, the old one was inefficient and unreliable.   We will have a snow blower this winter; the cost of the of having the sidewalks plowed is very expensive.   We hope that members of the congregation will help in getting the sidewalks ready for Sunday mornings.

Food Pantry:  Our church’s contribution to the food pantry for November, it is Stuffing mixes; for December, it is Jell-O and Pudding mixes; for January, it is boxed meals.  The Girard-Lake City Christian Cupboard is grateful for all our help and support over the past six years.

Early Fall Newsletter

A message from Fr. Bob
While going though Facebook I found a video of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry. Whenever I find one from him, I have to listen to it. He is a very dynamic speaker and his message is always worth listening to. This one was about voting.
He was making a point about our need to get out and vote. It is a right and an obligation that we should not take lightly.
In the thirteenth chapter of Pauls’ letter to the Romans, he tells us “To give to all men what is due them. Give tribute to those who tribute is due; pay taxes to those whom taxes are due. Give fear to those to whom fear is due. Give honor to those to whom honor is due. Owe no man anything, except to love each other; for he who loves the other man has fulfilled the law.”
We must as Christians do our part to be part of our civic community. To show our love for our fellow man by voting our conscience for the one we think will do the best for those how need it most.
Fr. Bob

Upcoming Presidential Election message from the Presiding Bishop: “If we who are Christians participate in the political process and in the public discourse as we are called to do — the New Testament tells us that we are to participate in the life of the polis, in the life of our society — the principle on which Christians must vote is the principle, Does this look like love of neighbor?” – Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, March 2016
To read more about this, visit: http://advocacy.episcopalchurch.org/EpiscopaliansVote


Trash and Treasure Sale: The ECW’s annual Fall Trash and Treasure and Bake sale has been set for both Friday, September 30; 5:00PM-7:00PM and Saturday, October 1; 9:00AM-2:00PM. If you are able; please try not to drop anything off until the weekend before or on Thursday and Friday, the week of the sale, as having the items does clutter up the hall. Please keep in mind; we do have weekly hall renters, so we need to share the space. As always, we thank you for all your help and donations.
Crafting Group: We have started a crafting group on Monday nights at/or around 6:00PM in the parish hall. We invite anyone from our church family or friends of the church to come along and craft. We will have a list on what may be crafted in the future. Our crafts will either be sold or kept for personal use.
Food Pantry: Our church’s contribution to the food pantry for September is Body Wash or Shampoo; October, deodorant. The Girard-Lake City Christian Cupboard is grateful for all our help and support over the past six years.
New Parish Hall Occupants: We welcome a brownie troop at the hall on every other Tuesday evening beginning this fall!
Halloween: We will have our annual warming station during trick or treat hours with treats and warm drinks. If possible, make your candy donations by the 30th, so we can place the candy in bags during coffee hour.
Christmas Eve: The votes are in; the service will be early, 7:45PM for carols by candlelight and 8:00PM will be Holy Eucharist. There will be no service on Christmas Day; however, we will have the church unlocked for those who would like silent meditation. The next newsletter in mid-November will include the flower list and order form.
Church repairs and additional needs: The church still needs repointing, the basement needs redone, and the parish hall needs some new tables and chairs. Also, we are asking for any suggestions with ideas for fundraisers to help pay for these projects. We do have a chair and table fund started. Thank you, Rusty Kramer for checking into pricing and having a new furnace installed in the church.

Spring Newsletter

A message from Fr. Bob


We are in the season of Lent, the time in which to reflect on our lives in Christ Jesus and repent for our short comings in faith and obedience to God our Father.  As children of God, we need to examine our faith daily and remind ourselves  that Christ should be our example in what we do, not only on Sunday but each and every day of our lives.   Ash Wednesday’s Gospel Jesus points out the three things: giving to the poor, praying and fasting. We should reflect on these things in everything we do every single day of our life. When faced with a situation in which someone needs help, do you help them or do you cross the street or speed up your pace to avoid getting involved?  When faced with a problem do you pray to God for guidance our do you attack it on your own?  If you fast do you tell everyone that you’re fasting when asked why you aren’t eating or do you tell them that you are just don’t want  to eat at that time?  It’s not easy to follow the rules at all time but we must do the best we can and when we fail, (which we all do from time to time) we must remember to ask God for his forgiveness when we do.  God knows that we are easily tempted and often give in to our temptations, and it is though trying to be Christ-like and following Gods commandments and asking for forgiveness when we fail that God will pour his grace over you.

Have a blessed Lent and a Joyful Easter,

Fr. Bob



Bishop’s Visitation: The Bishop will make his annual visitation on March 6th.  Also, Candace and Julie will be received into the Episcopal Church. The ECW will provide a reception in honor of both the Bishop, Julie and Candace.

Holy Week:  On Wednesday, March 23rd, the Lake City Church’s provide the meal and the message for the Lenten Luncheon at noon at Girard Methodist.  At 7:00pm that night there will be Stations of the Cross at our church.  Maundy Thursday, March 24th, we will have Holy Eucharist at 7:00pm.  Good Friday, March 25th, there will be Stations of the Cross at noon, outside at St. Cyril’s and Methodius; weather permitting, if the weather is bad we will have stations at Grace.  There will be the Good Friday, Holy Eucharist at 7:00pm.  On Easter Sunday, March 27th, Holy Eucharist is at 9:00pm and there will be no coffee hour following.

Rummage Sale:  The ECW’s annual Spring Rummage and Bake sale has been set for April 9th 9:00AM-2:00PM.  Please try not to drop anything off until the weekend before or on Thursday and Friday, the week of the sale, as having the items does clutter up the hall.  Please keep in mind; we do have weekly hall renters, so we need to share the space. As always, we thank you for all your help and donations.

ECW: At February’s meeting, the women decided; that we will not do a Mother/Daughter/Friend banquet and Chinese Auction this year; instead we will go out to dinner much like our Annual Christmas Parties.  The ladies would like to welcome any women of our church to attend for some fellowship and fun.  More discussion can be held at the next meeting; March 14th.

Camp: Diocesan summer camp is June 12-18 at Camp Nazareth in Mercer, PA.  Camp is for children in our diocese finishing grades 2-12.  Please check the diocesan page: dionwpa.org for more information.

Waldameer Picnic: The annual diocesan picnic will be on Father’s Day, June 19th.   Most likely we will want reservations into Wendy by June 6th.  More details to come as we get closer to the date check the bulletin, website or Facebook page.

Yard work:  We will graciously accept any and all help with yard clean up during the coming seasons.  The yard clean- up duties would include, leaf raking, weeding, and taking care of the flowers.  Please feel free to help out when you can.

Church repair needs:  The church is in need of some repointing and also possibly a new furnace for the church.  We are asking for any suggestions with ideas for fundraisers to help pay for both of these projects.

Week of 1/31

Just a reminder…Bishop’s Committee meets this Sunday; February 7 after coffee hour, ECW is on Monday, February 8 at 7:00pm…And…. Next week is Ash Wednesday!  The service starts at 7:00pm.   So start Lent with us!  We hope you join us!

There are also the Lenten Luncheons every Wednesday in Lent at Girard United Methodist Church; 48 E. Main Street, Girard, PA 16417.  Various churches in the community provide the meal and their Minister gives a message after the meal.  The meal starts at 12:00pm and the cost is a donation.  Proceeds benefit the Girard/Lake City Ministerium.